T-Hang M6


T Hang-M6 is a recent invention from Temart AB. T Hang-M6 is manufactured to meet the challenge of mounting, hanging large sized, and heavy paintings on walls considered complicated. The trigger was the demand from customer already using our other T hang. The task of hanging big paintings on old walls can now be performed in the same efficient way as with the other Temart Systems. When constructing the T Hang-M6 it was important to keep all the advantages from the other T Hang products. The characteristic of T Hang-M6 are:

The adaptability with many different hanging devices ,makes T Hang-M6 efficient in the handling of exhibitions. The possibility to mechanically protect the pictures against theft is unique for this kind of system. The strong construction makes it possible to use the same system for years. These are some of the arguments to why the T Hang-M6 is a good investment.

Target Group

T Hang-M6 is made for uneven walls with large cracks and heavy plaster. The possibility to use up to four screws and choose whatever screws needed makes the decision easy among Heavy Duty Hanging systems. With T Hang-M6 it is possible to over bridge a crack in the wall and still have the hook in the desired position. The T Hang-M6 is also the practical solution to protect paintings, sculptures and ornaments in churches.


T Hang-M6 has, different from other components in the T Hang series, the possibility to adjust the position of the hook. Additionally it is also possible to use up to four screws to mount the T Hang-M6 on the wall. The base is a plate with round corners. In the lower part of the T Hang-M6 plate there are two M6 holes for mounting the hook. Each delivered set contains two different to choose from. The hooks are mounted to the plate using the two M6 holes and a special lock-nut to lock the hooks in the desired position. No extra tools are necessary, because of the notch in the plate to fulfil this need. The choice between two different M6 holes is to place the hooks to the left or to the right depending on the position behind the painting. The round opening in the centre is a guide to find the marks for where to place the T Hang-M6 on the wall.


The T-Hanger is entirely manufactured in strong and durable industrial steel. Electric galvanisation gives strong rust and abrasion protection.



T Hang-M6 is sold in a set of two. Containing: 2 Plates, 4 hooks, with “Ozzy”, and. No screws for the Wall mounting are delivered with the set.
The Flexdrive is delivered with fixed magnetic sleeves, although it is possible to order Flexdrive and magnetic sleeve separately.

Parts of the T-Hang M6

Flexdrive with magnetic sleeve

The Flex drive allows you to mount or remove the cupola nut. The Flex drive which is extendable up to 45 cm is used as an ordinary screw driver. At the end of the Flex drive there is purpose made magnetic sleeve which will hold the cupola nut in the correct position.

Flexdrive accessory



The T Hang-M6 is quick and simple to mount. No special tools are needed. The type of screws used for mounting the T Hang-M6 has to comply to wall and weight to be hung.

Ozzy accessory
Ozzy accessory

Mounting in concrete wall

When mounting in concrete or brick walls, suitable plugs must be used. Follow instructions for pre-drilling and screw dimensions given with plugs.


It is important that the hooks are firm and tight bounded to the plate with the special lock nut.



Art. Nr. Product Load tolerance, kg/t-hang
40-100 T-hang M4 10 kg
40-200 T-hang M5 20 kg
40-210 T-hang M5 Long 20 kg
40-300 T-hang M6 30 kg


Art. Nr. Product
40-105 Flexdrive M4
40-205 Flexdrive M5
40-305 Flexdrive M6
42-000 T-Screw