Multiplate Black


The Temart Multiplate-Black is a variation of several successful Temart-Products and functions. The intention is to add functions to a familiar product (Temart Frame Plate), which is in use in many collections, and combine it with the latest development of the Temart hanging systems. Temart Multi Clip.


The forerunner for Multiplate-Black is Temart Frameplate M5. The addition of a welded Box-Loop behind the massive steel corpu offers a secure bond which reverses the disadvantage of D- and -D shaped loops commonly used in wall mounting of framed art. The Box-Loop also makes it easier to hang pictures fast by removing the need of precision in horizontal measuring. Finally, the friction of the Box-Loop enables to position the Box-Loop at a straight angle to the frame for the technicians to use both hands for lifting and stabilizing the painting.

The Set of Multiplate-Black includes the standard Temart eye-loop in black. Easily recognizable thru the welding, which makes it impossible to break from the wall hook. Temart H-Hook completes the system and replaces the need for S-Hooks on the storage screen. All parts of the system used in the exhibition rooms have a black matt plated finish to comply with contemporary requirements for Museums


Multiplate-Black hanging system is designed for the recommended two-point mounting technique for wall mounting. The system is compatible with mounting on hooks as well on wire. In combination with Temart T-Hang and FlexHang is the option of mechanical securing to the wall possible.

The unique properties are:

Model Height [mm] Width [mm] Thickness [mm] ØA [mm] ØB
Multiplate Black 40 17 6 4 M5
H' [mm] W' [mm] ØC [mm]
Box-Loop out-/in-side 34/28 25/19 3
Measurements of Mutliclip black


Multiplate-Black is sold as a set containing two Multiplate-Black for mounting on wooden frame.

Each set contains:

Load tolerance

Art. Nr. Product name kg/fitting
31-000 Multiplate Black 20 kg
Mounting of Multiclip Black

The loading capacity depends on the mounting to the wooden frame. Multiplate-Black has a diagonal placement of the mounting holes in to avoid the splitting, which occurs by other hanging systems. By delicate frames is the drilling of a pilot hole advisable. The pilot hole diameter is 2/3 of the diameter of the screw shaft, and the depth 2/3 of the shaft length. In Hardwood can the pilot hole be slightly deeper.

The recommendation for length of the mountings-screws is minimum three times the thickness of the fitting being mounted. Multiplate-Black Base Plate is 6 mm thick, which gives a recommended minimum length of 18 mm.

To avoid damaging thru wood-splitting on the front of the frame is the recommendation not to exceed a screw length which does not leave a minimum-distance between screw tip and front surface equal with the screw shaft. See Illustration!

Even with a pilot-hole brass-screws are prone to break, especially in hardwood. A thin layer of wax on the screw treads prior to mounting can assist in safe mounting practices.

If the above recommendation can not be followed by hanging heavy objects (> 20 kg), might another mounting solution be more suitable.

Art. Nr. Product
30-000 Multiplate Black complete, with M5 Eye-loop and H-hook
31-100 Base Plate
31-200 Box-loop, Black Chrome
31-300 Eye-loop, Black Chrome
31-500 H-hook M5, Chrome
31-600 Polymer friction seal for Box-Loop