The M-hook is temart´s solution for hanging pictures on mesh panels. In art magasins different kind of art objects are hung on mech panels -in able to get the fullest use of available space. The moveable screens are mostly to further save space. Due to varying mesh panels and by the movement of the panels, you need special demands on the hanging device.

The M-Hook is hung by two fixations to the mesh and one to the painting. This will mean that the painting will be steady even if the mesh panel is moved. The risk for the painting to fall of the mesh is minimal. There are two holes in the M-Hook that enables you to fixate it to the mesh eg. with plastic stripes. The M-Hook will always be hanging correctly and straight.

Target Group

The M-Hook is purpose designed for art magasin and depots who are using mesh panels. The size and dimensions of the M-Hook allows it to be on most kinds of mesh panels.


The M-Hook is made of industrial steel and is galvanized to be corrosive resistant.

Max. weight

M-Hook Large can carry a weight of 40 kg
M-Hook Small can carry a weight of 25 kg


M-Hang Small measurements
M-Hang Large measurements


Art. Nr. Product Pcs/Box
90-000 M-Hook Large 50 pcs.
90-100 M-Hook Small 50 pcs.