M-Hang Support


The M-hook Support is a further development of the M-hook. Suspension principle of mesh panels is the same as for the M-hook. The M-hook Support is specifically designed to handle delicate art that has no attachment points. In art magazines different types of art objects are hung on mesh panels enabling the fullest use of available space. Due to the varying types of mesh panels and their movements places special demands on the hanging device.

The M-Hook Support hangs on the mesh using two supports. This will mean that the painting will be steady even if the mesh panel is moved. There are holes in the M-Hook Support that enables you to fixate the art work to the mesh by using elastic stripes for example. The M-Hook Support always hangs correctly and straight.

Target Group

The M- Hook Support is specifically engineered to handle delicate art which is hung on mesh panels. The size and dimensions of the M-Hook allows it to mount on most kinds of


The M-Hook is made of industrial steel and is galvanized to be corrosive resistant.


The T-Hanger is entirely manufactured in strong and durable industrial steel. Electric galvanization gives strong rust and abrasion protection.

Maximum weight

Each M-Hook Support can carry a weight of 15 kg.



Art. Nr. Product
90-200 M-Hang Support
90-000 M-Hang
90-100 M-Hang Small